Hint #1September 13, 2011

Do you remember?

Remember is a mode for Emacs, to simpy remember data. I'm a big fan of org-mode, but to create notes on the fly without having to switch to my org file, I prefer Remember. Since Emacs version 23.1 Remember is built in and it's doing a good job without any special configurations needed.

Here's how to use it

To jump in the note Remember buffer, simpy call the remember function. You will see an empty buffer if you are using it for the first time and there is no ~/.notes file. Below your current cursor position you will see the file path from which you called the remember function.

# The cursor will be positioned above the file path

Add your notes and after you're finished, just call the remember-finalize function, or use the default key-binding C-c C-c. By default the note will be stored in <your_home_directory>/.notes.

** Mon Sep 12 16:02:03 2011 (Refactor)


I should refactor some code smell in this file...


Done. That's it! That's the easy way to use it without any magic and store your notes on the fly.

More functions

There are a few other functions which are also very useful.

remember-destroy just destroy the current Remember buffer you're in.

remember-region without opening the selected region in the Remember buffer - it saves the text directly into your notes file.

remember-clipboard writes your current clipboard contents to your notes file.

I would recommend that you just inspect the source of Remember on your own to get an overview of the full functionality.

Some customization

To change the file name in which you want to store your notes from .todos to .notes just overwrite the remember-data-file variable.

(defcustom remember-data-file (convert-standard-filename "~/.todos")
  "The file in which to store unprocessed data."
  :type 'file
  :group 'remember)

Or the leading text, which is used to begin each created note.

(defcustom remember-leader-text "** "
  "The text used to begin each remember item."
  :type 'string
  :group 'remember)

Further information

A lot of people use Remember with org-mode (org-remember documentation). But since version 6.36, org-mode has its own Remember-like feature implemented (see Capture), If you're using org-mode already, I would recommend to use that instead of Remember.

In a further article I will show you how to use Capture, instead of Remember and how org-mode serves you some cool features with Capture.

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