• Hint #6October 26, 2011

    Do what you have to do

    Manage your tasks through the day could be difficult, but with the power of Org Mode's task ability you get a powerful feature to handle it.

  • Hint #5October 17, 2011

    Capture the monkey

    Org Mode serves a great feature called Capture, to create task items on the fly. It has a few very handy capabilities which I will show you.

  • Hint #4October 10, 2011

    Enter The Dired Dungeon

    Emacs comes with a very powerful tool called Dired, which is way more than just a directory navigator.

  • Hint #3October 1, 2011

    Handle Ruby Versions

    The Emacs package rvm.el brings the excellent skills from the RVM tool to Emacs and adds some very useful extra features to work with it under Emacs.

  • Hint #2September 25, 2011


    Perspective is a great emacs package which gives you tagged workspaces and offers the possibility to working in a separated set of buffers.

  • Hint #1September 13, 2011

    Do you remember?

    Through the day there are many things which pop up in your head. How to catch them on the fly or get back if needed? In this article you will see how Remember will help you with these kind of tasks.